07 October, 2013

Bangalore Birds - Wikipedia Articles Compilation

This is a complete compilation of all articles on birds mentioned at Wikipedia - List of Birds of Bangalore.This compilation will be handy for those on offline/ in mid of forest, who prefer to check bird details. Compilation is in PDF format, so that you can carry it on your mobile/ tablet instead of carrying heavy books.

First three pages of this work is indexed with link to every chapter. Likewise, every chapter's heading will link you to every particular's topic on index sheet.

The work consists of 1077 A4 size paper. Keeping paper saving in mind, I blocked printing facility. Kindly use it only on electronic media. Size of total file is approx 76 MB.

All the contents are proprietary of Individual authors who authored the articles on Wikipedia. This compilation is just to help entry level bird watchers, to provide with basic details of birds. Hence, I do not take any responsibility of error or mistake or any other liability raised. Use it at your risk. One thing is sure, it doesn't contain any spam or malware or virus. To avoid no of pages, references and other notes are edited and removed from the original articles.

Samples can be downloaded from here.

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