11 April, 2014

2014 | 101 | 11Apr14 | Doddabommasandra Lake

Paddyfield Warbler on a Tree, whitish supercilium, Short and Pointed Bill
01. Paddyfield Warbler

Male Grey Heron - White head with broad black supercilium and slender crest. It has a powerful, pinkish-yellow bill.
02. Male Grey Heron

Common Hawk-Cuckoo, Ashy grey, Whitish below, Cross-barred with brown. The tail is broadly barred. Distinctive yellow eye ring.
03. Common Hawk-Cuckoo_Under a Tree Shadow

Common Hawk-Cuckoo, Searching for food
04. Common Hawk-Cuckoo_Searching for Food

Common Hawk-Cuckoo_Resting
05. Common Hawk-Cuckoo

Common Hawk-Cuckoo_on a Tree
06. Common Hawk-Cuckoo

Common Hawk-Cuckoo_About to Take-off
07. Common Hawk-Cuckoo_About to Take-off

Common Hawk-Cuckoo_In Flight
08. Common Hawk-Cuckoo_In Flight

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