07 August, 2014

2014 | 208 | 27Jul14 | Bannerghatta - Begihalli

:: Birds ::

01. Laughing Dove (Stigmatopelia senegalensis) - Adult - 27 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Slim, small, with fairly long tail. Brownish-pink head and underparts, uniform upperparts, and black stippling on upper breast. Juvenile duller, lacks black stippling, and has whitish fringes to scapulars and coverts. 
02. Black-headed Cuckooshrike (Coracina melanoptera) - Juvenile - 18 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Male has dark slate-grey head, neck and upper breast, contrasting with pale-grey mantle and rest of underparts; wings are darker grey than mantle, and have broad, pale fringes to coverts and tertials. Female from female Black-winged by prominent supercilium, stronger dark grey and white barring on underparts, pale grey back and rump contrasting noticeably with shorter and squarer blackish tail, and broader white fringes to coverts and tertials. Juvenile upperparts barred with white.
03. Indian Silverbill (Euodice malabarica) - Male - 11 -11.5 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Male has fawnbrown upperparts, whitish face and underparts with barred flanks, long and pointed black tail, and white rump and uppertail-coverts. Female is duller with plainer face, and flanks are less barred. Juvenile lacks barring on flanks, has dark mottlingon rump, and tail is shorter and more rounded.

04. Oriental Honey-buzzard (Perm's ptilorhynchus) - Male?? - 57-60 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Tail long and broad, and has narrow neck, small head and bill, and short bare tarsi. Soars with wings flat. Has small crest. Underparts and underwing-coverts range from dark brown through rufous to white, and unmarked, streaked or barred; often shows dark moustachial stripe and gular stripe, and gorget of streaking across lower throat. Lacks dark carpal patch. Male has grey face, two black tail-bands, usually three black underwing bands, and brown iris. Female has browner face and upperparts, three black tail-bands, four narrower black underwing bands, and yellow iris. Juvenile has narrower underwing banding, three or more tail-bands, and extensive dark tips to primaries; cere yellow (grey on adult) and iris dark.
05. Red-vented (Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer) - Adult Male - 20 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Short-crested black head, white rump, white-tipped black tail, and red vent. White rump helps separate from other bulbuls in flight. Juvenile has browner head, rufous edges to flight feathers, buffish cast to white rump, and lacks white tips to tail. Considerable subspecies variation, mainly in extent to which black of head reaches onto mantle and breast and in prominence of whitish fringes to feathers of mantle and breast.

06. Common lora (Aegithina tiphia) - Non Breeding Male - 14 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : From Marshall's Iora in all plumages by uniform black tail (male) or green tail (female). Very variable. Crown and mantle is mainly yellowish-green (Variance : Humei). Females very similar to non-breeding males although tail is green.
07. Plain Prinia (Prinia inornata) - Male - 13 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Adult breeding has black bill, grey-brown upperparts and whitish underparts, with largely white outermost rectrices. Adult non-breeding has longer tail, pale base to lower mandible, warm brown upperparts, more rufescent wings and tail, buff tips and dark subterminal marks to rectrices, and warm buff wash to underparts . Juvenile is more rufescent.
08. White-browed Bulbul (Pycnonotus luteolus) - Adult - 20 cm
ID by  Richard Grimmett : Adult has prominent white supercilium, narrow dark eye-stripe, white crescent beneath eye and dark moustachial stripe, white-streaked ear-coverts, and yellowish chin and malar patch. Pale greyisholive breast merges into yellowish-white belly; yellowish undertail-coverts. Juvenile has browner upperparts and breast, less distinct supercilium, and uniform olive-brown ear-coverts.

:: Flowers ::

01. Gloriosa Superba - செங்காந்தள்/காந்தள்
ID by Wikipedia : Perennial climbing herb, the showy flower has six tepals each up to 5-7.6 centimeters long. They are generally bright redto orange at maturity, sometimes with yellowish bases. This plant is poisonous. This species is the national flower of Zimbabwe.and also the state flower of Tamil Nadu.

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