22 March, 2015

2015 | 21Mar15 | Hessargattah

Robbin | Indian - Male
ID based on : Long Bill; Supercilium barely apparent behind eye; Olive brown upper parts
Robbin | Indian - Male
ID based on : Black underparts, White Shoulders, Black Tail & Reddish Vent
Swallow | Red-rumped
ID based on : Rufous-orange on sides of neck; Streaked buffish-white underparts
Indian Silverbill
ID based on : Conical silver-grey bill; Fawnbrown upperparts; Whitish face; Long and pointed black tail; white rump and uppertail-coverts.
Stilt | Black-winged
ID based on Long pinkish legs; Fine straight bill. White head, neck and under body
Warbler | Booted
ID based on : Square-ended tail; Supercilium reasonably distinct & square-ended behind the eye
Wagtail | Yellow
ID based on: Olive-green upperparts and yellow underparts, with narrower white supercilium; Grey forehead & crown; Dark eye-stripe; Pale base to lower mandible
Wagtail | Yellow
ID based on: Greyish upperparts and broader white wing-bars
Jerdon's Bushlark
ID based on: 
Heavily spotted breast; Buffish wash to underparts; Prominent rufous on wing

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